RVC in numbers

RVC is a state fund of funds, a development institute for the venture capital market in the Russian Federation and one of the key state instruments for building a national innovation system.

RVC’s mission is to create a mature venture capital market by pooling and developing resources and the competencies and initiatives of investors, portfolio managers and entrepreneurs to create and promote innovative products and technologies in priority technological spheres that ensure Russia’s leadership in the global technology market.

RVC’s strategic goal is to become by 2030, a major player in the international venture capital market comparable to European funds of funds in terms of its scope of operations in support of Russian technology entrepreneurs working in priority technological spheres in order to turn, as effectively as possible, their scientific and technological potential into innovative technologies, products and services.

Investment activity as of the end of 2018

Distribution of RVC-backed investment funds by economic sector for 2007–2018
  • The cumulative amount of approved investments in portfolio companies RUB 18.1 bn
  • RUB 48.6 bn
    total amount of RVC-backed funds
Distribution of investments through RVC-backed funds by region for the period 2007 – 2018
  • RVC’s share in the total volume of funds is
    RUB 27.4 bn
  • 207
    companies in the portfolio of RVC-backed funds
Amount of RVC investments by priority areas for the technological development of the economy (cumulative results for the period 2007-2018)
10 342 employees
in portfolio companies that have received investments from RVC-backed funds
  • 27 funds
    in RVC’s portfolio
  • 81 exits from portfolio companies

Investment activity in 2018

  • 32
    investments approved in portfolio companies
  • 30 exits
    from portfolio companies in the amount of  RUB 1.7 bn
  • 3 venture funds created
  • RUB 2.1 bn
    in investments in portfolio companies approved
  • USD 88.4 mln
    export volume of portfolio companies in RVC-backed funds

National Technology Initiative

  • 7
    regulatory road maps approved in 2018
  • 3
    NTI technology contests launched
  • 6
    venture funds focused on NTI support
  • 7
    NTI infrastructure centers launched in 2018
  • 44
    projects in the general NTI portfolio as of the end of 2018
  • 12
    NTI projects approved for implementation in 2018
  • RUB 2.3 bn
    from budgetary funds earmarked for the implementation of NTI projects in 2018
  • RUB 1 bn
    from extrabudgetary funds earmarked for the implementation of NTI projects in 2018
  • 38 000
    schoolchildren took part in the NTI Contest
  • 8 agreements
    on NTI development signed with subjects of the Russian Federation