NTI infrastructure centers

NTI infrastructure centers are special points of attraction created for the expedited creation of new markets. The centers are designed to generate a strategic vision for the development of individual NTI areas, to provide expert and analytical support to working groups and to work with regulatory restrictions. In addition, infrastructure centers are becoming communication platforms for the formation of NTI communities.

NTI infrastructure centers are created in the form of non-profit organizations that bring together representatives of the business community, and they develop as a platform for dialogue between the industry’s technological community and the state.

Objectives of NTI infrastructure centers:

  • Preparation of changes to the existing NTI road maps, including forecasting the development of the market or the NTI’s areas of focus until 2035, as well as the formation of a list of technological and regulatory barriers
  • Development of proposals for legal or technical regulations, including draft legislative and regulatory acts, technical standards and regulations
  • Organization of expert and analytical activities in the interests of the implementation of the NTI’s regulatory road maps
  • Development of NTI communities, including thematic events
  • Monitoring of draft regulatory legal acts in order to ensure that the NTI’s regulatory road maps are implemented in full

What has been done in the NTI within the framework of individual projects that have already implemented is quite a lot. From medical technologies, exoskeletons to NTI developments in the area of AutoNet and drones. Most Russian civilian drones began as NTI designs – this has now become commonplace. This also applies to neural networks and medical technology.

We have never been concerned with the number of projects. What is most important is the quality. The primary result, however, is the establishment of a community. Today, hundreds of  thousands of  people are involved in these processes, directly or indirectly, in educational institutions, in science, in business – this is the community I am referring to. We are working together closely with this community, which can be found at all of our institutions, and this is a very important story. You could say that we managed to break ground by promoting the first projects. There are three main areas of focus in the NTI’s next stage of development. The first is the structuring of the NTI community: for this purpose, special infrastructure centers are being created that will work within the framework of the road maps. The second area of focus is the creation and deployment of specialized financial institutions to support start-ups, because the NTI is basically all about start-ups. The third area of focus is the creation of Centers of excellence, including to support cross-cutting technologies, which is something we also emphasize in the framework of the NTI. These Centers of excellence are established mainly at universities.

Andrey Belousov, aide to the President of the Russian Federation
In 2018, the following were granted the status of an NTI infrastructure: The infrastructure center programmes got under way in October 2018
NTI area of focus Winner of the competitive selection
AutoNet GLONASS/GNSS Forum Association of Designers, Manufacturers and Users of Equipment and Applications Based on Global Navigation Satellite Systems
AeroNet AeroNet Analytical Center ANPO
NeuroNet NeuroNet branch association
Healthnet Novosibirsk Academic Town Science and Technology Park
HealthNet Technet Association
EnergyNet North-west Center for Strategic Research Foundation
Club Movement Association of Members of Technological Clubs

Financing for the development of the infrastructure centers will be provided by budgetary funds during the first three years in an amount up to RUB  682 million, to be completely replaced by extrabudgetary funding starting from the fourth year of the centers’ operations.