NTI export accelerator

In 2018, RVC, in partnership with PWC, launched the National Technology Initiative Export Accelerator, a unique programme to prepare fast-growing technology companies to enter foreign markets. Participation in the programme gives Russian companies access to fast and efficient tools to promote products in Asian markets. The first accelerator season is focusing on projects in the IoT, AI and big data segments.

More than 60 companies submitted applications to take part in the NTI Export Accelerator. Of these, the 50 applicants that were admitted for further consideration received practical recommendations and structured, detailed feedback on eight assessment criteria: market, product, financial indicators, innovation, motivation, market representation, expertise and corporate culture.

Following an expert evaluation, 15 technology companies move on to the accelerator’s final stage: eight companies specialize in developing globally oriented products in the field of artificial intelligence, four work in the field of the IoT, and the other three work in the field of big data. The companies’ products correspond to the following NTI markets: NeuroNet (10 participants), AutoNet and EnergyNet (two participants each) and SafeNet (one participant). The average annual turnover of the finalists exceeds RUB 600 million. All the participants are focused on sales in Asian markets, especially China.

Accelerator participants have access to fast and efficient tools for developing strategies to reach promising Asian markets. They will be offered a comprehensive set of tools for entering international markets from development institutions that support foreign economic activity.

Around the world, export acceleration programmes are an effective tool for preparing companies to enter new markets, establish business contacts and search for new business partners. Our joint programme, developed on the basis of the experience of the PwC global network in export acceleration, will help Russian technology companies to prepare to enter Asian markets of interest to them as efficiently and quickly as possible.
Oleg Malyshev, partner, head of transaction support practice at PWC

The following companies took part in the NTI Export Accelerator:

  • Addreality, a platform for recognizing customers and managing personalized advertising campaigns at  points of sale
  • Brain Development, a digital learning system for neuropsychology research
  • CDNvideo, a live streaming platform
  • ChemRar, clinical research and pharmaceutical testing services
  • Heedbook Cloud, a service for analyzing customer satisfaction with a company’s services
  • Nanosemantics, voice and text chatbots for contact centers
  • NTC, software for managing operations in the oil and gas industry
  • Seldon, an information and analytical system for working with contracts and procurement
  • Speechpro, development of client technology solutions in the field of speech recognition, biometric analysis and working with data
  • Zyfra, a system for monitoring production in heavy industry
  • Korus, a cloud-based service for forecasting retail demand and the performance of promotional campaigns
  • ASD Tech, a cloud-based solution for storing large amounts of data
  • Angara, technology for hydrogen-based cleaning of heat-exchange equipment
  • RTSoft, systems for monitoring, forecasting and optimizing processes at energy companies
  • Astrosoft, software development for IoT