Institutional activities

Venture Capital Market Council

Today, the Venture Capital Market Council – created in 2017 at the initiative of RVC under the aegis of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation – brings together leaders of the Russian venture capital industry. The Venture Capital Market Council is a permanent advisory body that deals with issues related to effective collaboration with the investment community.

Objectives of the Venture Capital Market Council:

  • improving the quality of the preparation of RVC programmes and initiatives on investment policy, setting standards, regulating relations and supporting the interests of venture capital investors in the Russian Federation;
  • raising awareness and encouraging venture capital investors to use the best practices of the innovative venture business;
  • ensuring effective collaboration between RVC and both existing and potential venture capital investors in the Russian Federation on issues of investment policy and smart money.

Tasks of the Venture Capital Market Council:

  • Providing expert recommendations to RVC’s managing bodies on
  • Investment policy and smart money
  • Determining the current needs of professional market players
  • Developing initiatives aimed at the implementation of the identified needs of professional market players
  • Expert support for RVC programmes and initiatives on setting standards, regulating relations and supporting the interests of venture capital investors in the Russian Federation
  • Increasing the transparency of RVC’s operations for venture capital investors in the Russian Federation
  • Assisting in attracting additional sources of capital to the venture capital market

Composition of the Venture Capital Market Council

Chairman of the Council

Alexander Galitsky, Managing Partner of the Almaz Capital Partners venture capital fund

Members of the Council

  • Alexey Basov, Deputy CEO and Investment Director at RVC, member of RVC’s Management Board
  • Alexey Konov, Managing Partner of the RBV Capital venture fund
  • Alexander Lupachev, Director of Russia Partners
  • Vitaly Polekhin, President of the National Business Angels Association
  • Alexey Solovyov, Partner, Managing Director of iTech Capital
  • Sergey Kerber, Head of the Directorate of Investment Projects and Programs and Managing Director, Leader Management Company
  • Valery Krivenko, Managing Partner, FPI Partners venture fund
  • Albina Nikkonen, Executive Director of the Russian Venture Capital Association
  • Andrey Romanenko, CEO and shareholder, Evotor

In 2018:

The Venture Capital Market Council launched three working groups in key areas:

The proposals developed by the working groups were sent to the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation.


To increase the transparency of the Russian Venture Capital Market, RVC implemented a number of analytical projects in 2018:

In addition, RVC acted, for the first time, as the general partner for the independent research report “Venture Barometer” in 2018 and again supported research on the Russian market for direct and venture investments for 2017, which is conducted annually by the Russian Venture Capital Association together with the Venture Innovation Fund.