GenerationS on a global scale

To enhance the international status of GenerationS, partnerships are being systematically established with foreign corporations, state agencies, infrastructure facilities and venture funds. In 2018, the international corporations Michelin and Airbus became clients of GenerationS. Project finalists are presented annually at a number of events, including the Singapore Week of Innovation & TeCHnology (SWITCH), SLUSH, Hannover Messe, the Germany Startup Tour and VIVA Technology. Project finalists take part in internships to immerse themselves in the innovation infrastructure in Silicon Valley, Germany and France. #GENSTalks start-up selection events were held abroad for the first time, in Uzbekistan, Belarus and Finland. The share of foreign projects in corporate accelerators ranges from 10% to  70%.

In 2018, GenerationS became the first Russian accelerator to be included in the Global Accelerator Network (GAN) created by Techstars.

The Global Accelerator Network is an independent global association that brings together the largest accelerators from all around the world. The network includes more than 90 accelerators from over 30 countries, and they have now been joined by an accelerator from Russia. The GAN community also includes about 10,000 start-ups, 85% of which became successful following acceleration programmes. GAN’s corporate partners include Amazon, Cisco, American Airlines, IBM, Land Rover, Microsoft, Michelin, Mastercard, Universal Music Group and others.

Collaboration with GAN opens up wide-ranging opportunities for participants. GenerationS will get access to best international practices in terms of running acceleration programmes, an opportunity to engage technology start-ups from other countries and assistance in bringing Russian developers to new markets.

In 2018, RVC also established partnerships with the University of Bologna’s incubator, Almacube, and with the start-up accelerator DAR Lab from Kazakhstan.

GenerationS and Almacube agreed to exchange technological innovations for the development of technology in Russia and Italy. The purpose of cooperation is to strengthen the links between the Russian and Italian innovation ecosystems: start-ups, corporations, experts; exchange of information on technological trends in both countries; and the participation of start-ups in acceleration programmes. The agreement is designed to improve the quality of projects entering the Russian innovative market and to accelerate their further scaling.

The participation of GenerationS in GAN is a sign of the international community’s recognition of a Russian accelerator. The association includes accelerators from countries with fast-growing economies – the United States, Canada, Japan, China, Australia and various European countries. Through cooperation with them, we will be able to attract foreign investment in Russia, and we will show foreign innovations to Russian corporations.
Ekaterina Petrova, Managing Director of the GenerationS

Based on an analysis of the projects that took part in the competition, the expert jury, consisting of leading experts on open innovation, recognized GenerationS as one of the top performers based on its methodology and progress, as well as the cases of its corporate customers and start-ups.