The present RVC Public Annual Report for 2018 was prepared using information available to the company at the time of its preparation. The report contains information on the results of the company’s activities in 2018 and forecast data, statements regarding the intentions, opinions or current expectations of the company regarding the results of its activities, financial position, liquidity, growth prospects, strategy and the development of the industry in which RVC operates.

Such forward-looking statements are characterized by risks and uncertainties, since they depend on circumstances that may change in the future. RVC does not give any direct or implied assurances or guarantees, nor does it bear any responsibility in the event of damages that may be incurred by individuals or legal entities as a result of using the forward-looking statements contained in this report, for any reason, directly or indirectly. These individuals should not fully rely on the forward-looking statements contained in this document, as they are not the only possible scenario that may occur.

With the exception of cases stipulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation, RVC does not undertake obligations to revise or confirm expectations and estimates or to publish updates and changes to the forward-looking statements presented in this report in connection with subsequent events or the receipt of new information.