Management Board

The members of RVC’s Management Board are elected from among RVC  employees by resolution of the General Meeting of Shareholders on the basis of a recommendation from the Board of Directors. The Management Board must be made up of no fewer than five members. The term of office of members of the Management Board is determined by resolution of the General Meeting of Shareholders and may not exceed three years.

The function of the Chairman of the Management Board is performed by RVC’s CEO. The members of the Management Board as of the end of 2018 were elected by Rosimushchestvo Order No. 385-r of 30 June 2017, Order No. 507-r of  20 July 2017, Order No. 727-r of 10 October 2017, Order No. 878-r of 20 November 2017 and Order No. 651-r of 19 September 2018. The Management Board consists of eight members.

Alexander Povalko
Sergey Abdykerov
Chief Operations Officer at the NTI Project Office
Mikhail Antonov
Deputy CEO and Director for Innovative Infrastructure Development
Alexey Basov
Deputy CEO and Investment Director
Ekaterina Kumanina
Director for Strategic Communications
Elena Mikheeva
Director of the Risk Analysis and Internal Control Department
Anna Romanenko
Deputy CEO and Executive Director
Mikhail Fedotov
Advisor to the Finance Director

Activities of the Management Board in 2018

The Management Board holds in-person meetings twice a month. Meetings may be held more often if needed, including by absentee voting.

During the reporting year, the Management Board held
45 meetings
(19 in the form of absentee voting), where 236 issues were considered
Agenda Number of issues
Issues related to the implementation of RVC’s Business Plan for 2018 and for the 2019–2020 planning period 48
Determination of the position of RVC representatives in the management bodies of funds created with RVC capital 103
Consideration of issues related to the activities of funds created with RVC capital 18
Consideration of issues related to the creation of new venture funds 15
Consideration of reporting issues (on RVC’s activities, on the activities of business divisions, etc.) 20
Consideration of draft bylaws and draft strategic planning documents (Business Plan and budget) 16
Other issues 16

The CVs of members of the Management Board are available on the website.