Overview of corporate governance

RVC is a state innovation-driven development institution, a fund of funds that performs the functions of the Project Office of the National Technology Initiative (NTI). A wide range of challenges and a variety of activities have a great impact on corporate governance, which plays an important role in ensuring the effective implementation of RVC’s strategic goals.

The Russian Federation is RVC’s sole shareholder. Shareholder rights on behalf of the Russian Federation are exercised by the Federal Property Management Agency (Rosimushchestvo). In order to have a synergistic impact on the development of Russia’s innovation infrastructure and the venture capital industry, the composition of the Board of Directors includes representatives of other Russian development institutions.

RVC’s corporate governance is based on the requirements of Russian legislation and Rosimushchestvo’s recommendations, and it follows the recommendations of the Bank of Russia’s Corporate Governance Code.

RVC is a non-public company, with the highest standards of corporate governance. In 2018, RVC continued its work aimed at increasing transparency and developing information disclosure practices, improving the regulatory framework and improving the performance of risk management and internal control systems, etc.