Financial results for 2018

In 2018, revenues from RVC core activities amounted to
1.743 RUB mln
As of 31 December 2018, RVC had capital and reserves amounting to
35.939 RUB mln

In 2018, RVC did not take on any borrowings in the form of loans or credits. RVC has no overdue payables, including to budgets and extrabudgetary funds.

Implementation of information technologies

In 2018, RVC fulfilled objectives within the framework of the implementation of its digital strategy 2018–2021, the Digital RVC project, in which the following results and milestones were achieved:

  • Studies were carried out and work got under way on the creation of an automated system for monitoring the investment portfolio of RVC-backed funds, the so-called fund of funds. The system is planned to be put into operation in 2019
  • Studies were carried out and work got under way on the creation of an automated control system for funnels of companies, projects and teams supported by RVC, the CRM RVC, including the “Register of technology companies” and “NTI projects” modules. The system is planned to be put into operation in 2019
  • A number of objectives were met within the framework of the digitization of RVC’s management, accounting and tax reporting, corporate governance, procurement and contractual activities and internal corporate communications

HR management

RVC’s human resources policy is aimed at ensuring the implementation of projects and initiatives, achieving key performance indicators and balancing the Company’s interests with those of its employees. Main areas of RVC’s human resources policy in 2018:

  • Ensuring a balance in the processes of updating and optimizing the size and qualitative composition of our workforce in accordance with the organization’s needs on the basis of compliance with the requirements of existing legislation
  • Maintaining a high level of professional competence on the part of our workforce
  • Maintaining and strengthening the positive working environment within the company


When purchasing goods, works and services, RVC is guided by Federal Law of the Russian Federation No. 223-FZ of 18 July 2011 on the Procurement of Goods, Works and Services by Certain Types of Legal Entities and the Provision on Procurement Activities of RVC. Basic principles of procurement include:

  • Information transparency related to procurement
  • Procurement transparency, the ability to monitor and verify procurement at any stage
  • Application of preferential competitive procedures for selecting suppliers, providers and contractors, such as a tenders, auctions, requests for proposals, competitive negotiations, requests for quotations/prices
  • Equality, fairness, non-discrimination and the absence of unreasonable restrictions on competition in relation to procurement participants, including a ban on coordination by RVC of the activities of procurement participants and on the creation of preferential conditions for participation
  • Cost-effective spending on the acquisition of goods, works and services and the implementation of measures aimed at reducing costs; establishing measurable requirements for procurement participants

In 2018, the volume of purchases amounted to  RUB 1,106,140.51  thousand, while the volume purchased through competitive procedures amounted to  RUB 721,136.83 thousand, or 65%; in 2017, the volume purchased through competitive procedures amounted to  RUB 525,942 thousand.

The share of purchases from small and medium-sized businesses in 2018 amounted to  RUB  678,135.60  thousand, or 49.85% of the total amount of purchases.

Information on the company’s procurement is available in the unifed procurement information system, on the RVC website, and also on the unifed trading system’s electronic trading platform, in the case of purchases in electronic form.